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The island of Ischia - as you may already know - is a very large island, its varied territory ranges from the sea to the mountains, from small rural villages to charming seaside resorts.
If you think that there are six municipalities on the island and that often several historic centers and hamlets belong to one municipality (as in the case of Ischia: which includes Ischia port, Ischia bridge, Campagnano) you will understand that a means of locomotion to visit it properly it is absolutely necessary. And for this reason, our fleet of cars and scooters will certainly be able to satisfy your need for freedom. Please also appreciate some small suggestions on the most beautiful things to see on holiday on the green island, in order to make the most of your carefree days on Ischia!

A dive into the Middle Ages: Ischia Ponte and the Aragonese Castle

Those coming to Ischia, even for a weekend, must not miss the ancient village of Ischia Ponte, a picturesque village overlooking the sea where majestic palaces and small fishermen's houses have coexisted very well for centuries! Here you will also find the Aragonese Castle, a real treasure trove of history of the green island, a turreted medieval citadel, to make a journey back in time.

Barano D'Ischia: The Maronti beach

Maronti is the longest beach on the island. 3 km of grainy sand full of restaurants and bathing establishments. From both the east and west sides it offers magnificent views of unmistakable morphology.
With its immense bay with turquoise sea and the green mountain behind it, it is the ideal place to practice water sports or enjoy long swims considering that the sea becomes immediately deep after a few meters from the shore.
This beach is never really crowded, even in the most touristic periods.

Zaro: La Mortella Gardens

"La Mortella" is the garden created by Susana Walton, Argentinian wife of Sir William Walton, English composer and conductor, who wanted to create a garden in Forio d'Ischia with the most original plant species in the world.
The couple moved to Forio d'Ischia immediately after the Second World War, creating a wonderful garden from scratch. Today there is a foundation that manages La Mortella by organizing concerts and artistic programs inside the garden.

Forio, where the pirates landed. The Saracen towers and the Church of Soccorso

To the south-west of the island, in an enchanting geographical position, is the huge municipality of Forio. A visit to the historic center is a must, full of ancient palaces, beautiful churches and above all characteristic sixteenth-century pirate watchtowers. In Forio, perched on a ridge overlooking the sea, the famous Chiesa del Soccorso, with its majestic architecture, for centuries a white beacon of salvation for sailors and fishermen.

Lacco Ameno, the mushroom in the middle of the sea

The famous and characteristic Mushroom of Ischia is the symbol of the municipality of Lacco Ameno. It is a tufa boulder which, detached from Mount Epomeo and rolled into the sea, has taken on its characteristic mushroom shape due to marine erosion.
Il Fungo is located in the middle of the sea, on the edge of a cliff, and can be admired in the stretch of water in front of Corso Angelo Rizzoli, right in the center of Lacco Ameno. In fact, walking through the marvelous shops in the center of Lacco Ameno, one cannot fail to notice the protagonist of the street "Il Fungo".

A village that smells of the sea: Sant'Angelo

The small seaside village of Sant'Angelo, which falls within the municipality of Serrara Fontana, is another pearl to be inserted in your Ischia necklace. For centuries it was a place inhabited only by fishermen with their families, which was later discovered in the ' 50 by the artists who came to Ischia – including the poet Neruda – Sant'Angelo today is a perfect mix of nature and ultra-chic atmospheres.

Monte Epomeo: imposing with a wonderful view

Mount Epomeo, which with its 789 meters high dominates the whole island of Ischia, is one of those places to see to admire Ischia from above. Epomeo, formed following an eruption, is not a volcano, as many believe, but the highest and most inclined block of green tuff which represents about 34% of the total surface of the island.
The simplest way to reach Mount Epomeo is from the municipality of Serrara Fontana with a difference in altitude of about 400 meters and a distance of 3 km. At the beginning there is a road which then becomes a steep path but of particular beauty.

Ischia Adventure Park: being in contact with nature while having fun

Ischia is the largest adventure park in Southern Italy, where you can enjoy a breathtaking experience in contact with nature Located in the heart of the Fiaiano pine forest, you can juggle the different paths designated in total safety and assisted by qualified personnel. Games suspended in the trees, walking on suspended walkways, Tibetan bridges and breathtaking Tyrolean tunnels await you to enrich your holiday in Ischia with emotions.

Going to wineries: Campagnano and the wine routes

In the hills in the municipality of Ischia, the pretty rural village of Campagnano promises a day dedicated to the most genuine peasant atmospheres with its rural itineraries, here ancient cellars and lands planted with vines mix with a unique panorama in the world. From Campagnano it is possible to walk to the village of Piano Liguori, a handful of houses where people still live as they did two hundred years ago.


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